Unscheduled stops and route deviations, how to prevent the problem.

ТTransport and logistics companies are facing  the need to control the actions of their staff – including drivers. It is necessary to control bothe-actions, the  movable property condition. The Antenor company is ready to offer a modern solution – a GPS tracking system with satellite communication.. Consequences of uscheduled stops on a route While the […]

Advantages of user-friendly Wialon interface

There exists a huge amount of various useful GPS vehicle tracking apps for business nowadays. An easy-to-use Wialon platform is one of them. Over 2 300 types of trackers and sensors are compatible with the software. And it should also be noted that the software is being used in approximately 130 countries round the world that […]

GPS-tracking for pharmaceutical companies

GPS tracking for pharmaceutical companies A head of pharmaceutical company knows that one of the most complicated and important issue is the organization and control of their field staff. As a rule, a poorly organized monitoring process leads to reduced sales and a loss of profit.  If a company is developing in the above mentioned […]


High competition in the agricultural market encourages farmers to use solutions that reduce risks, production costs and increase business profitability. GPS tracking of agricultural transport is one of such solutions. The use of GPS-tracking minimizes agricultural expenses and reduces crop losses. It also helps to increase business efficiency without increasing sowing areas and attracting additional […]

WIALON Software

Wialon – is an up-to-date GPS-tracking platform that allow to reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance, perform fleet and other assets management to increase its efficiency. User-friendly interface allow to monitor any transport type, control fuel consumption from anywhere of the world through the operator’s website. The system supports over 2300 tracker types and is […]


The effectiveness of GPS TRACKING depends on the equipment used. Our company installs reliable and high-quality trackers from the world’s leading manufacturers, that have proved their effectiveness in use. Emphasis on quality It is important for the service company that the equipment they offer is of high quality because low-quality equipment can transfer inaccurate data […]


Leasing services are used by a significant number of people: Farmers, privet enterprises, companies that provide services. It is easier and cheaper to borrow a car, tractor or combine. Sometimes people do not have a needed amount of money, and time to search for an appropriate technology in the Internet. Leasing companies provide service on […]

Does the system works incorrectly or people really steal?

The system shows fuel drains! Workers say “We DO NOT steal”!  Such queries come very often, especially from new customers who are just beginning to use the GPS tracking system for vehicle and fuel control, and this is ok. The driver’s salary is quite small. And fused diesel is secretly considered a source of additional […]

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