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What is GPS monitoring?

GPS monitoring is a system of satellite positioning of objects, which includes hardware and software. GPS monitoring allows you to locate, track and monitor your fleet of vehicles and other objects or assets in real time.

How to use the program?

You can access your account in any convenient way: through an application (IOS / Android) from a mobile phone or tablet or from a computer using a web browser.

How to connect to the system?

You need to contact our company by leaving a request on the website or by calling +38 067 251 78 87. We select Solutions according to your tasks, conclude an agreement, install the necessary equipment, configure and provide access to the program.

During the entire period of using the company's services, you will be accompanied by Antenor's technical support, which will help solve any issues at a time convenient for you.

How does the system work when there is no connection?

There are areas where there is no internet connection. In such cases, the information is stored in the internal memory of the device and will be available to the user as soon as coverage appears.

Can the tracker be transferred to another car in case of sale or repair?

Yes of course. To do this, you only need to change the settings in the program by logging into your personal account.

Is it possible to control the fuel?

By installing the necessary equipment, you can control fuel consumption. You can see in the system all fillings and drains with detailed information about the number of liters filled, the place and time of filling.

Is it possible to transfer data to 1C?

Data from the program can be integrated into 1C via API.

Who can see information about my cars?

Information about objects can be seen only by a client authorized in the program who has the necessary access to his personal account.

How accurately can you determine the location of the vehicle?

The location of vehicles or objects monitored by satellite monitoring can be determined with an accuracy of up to 5 meters.

What is the difference between a GPS tracker and a beacon?

The GPS tracker monitors the movement of the vehicle in a constant mode, often checking the coordinates and compiling a full report on the route of movement, stops, refueling.

GPS beacon is the most hidden and periodic information of the owner about the location of the car. The beacon communicates only at the scheduled time, reflecting a point on the map, and does not show the route of movement. 

Capabilities of the GPS monitoring system.

✔ Monitoring of vehicles in real time

✔ Control of fuel consumption (detailing of all refueling and fuel drains)

✔ Detailed traffic movement reports for the selected time period.

✔ Remote monitoring of car sensor parameters.

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