Company culture or its values is a set of rules and main approaches used not only for internal relations between employees, but also for better communication and interaction of the work team.

The basic values of the enterprise are taken from the main goals and activities of the companies. Such rules are a kind of filter that allows you to separate people who cannot move in the “rhythm” of the company’s development and attract specialists who are ready to become integral parts of a complex mechanism.

Ease of communication between employees will make it possible to resolve issues more quickly and easily discuss ideas that will provide a driving force for the company’s development in the future.

Our main values of cooperation

In relations with partners and clients, our team adheres to the best communication principles:

  1. Understand the client’s goals
  2. Coordinate actions on an effective plan
  3. Provide all conditions for fast service These principles allow us to ensure not only a good attitude towards us, but also a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Service speed

The client’s desire to cooperate with the company will depend on how much time the client spends on receiving the service. Our specialists value your time and organize high-quality service in the shortest possible time. Proper time optimization allows us to process an application in just 15 minutes and perform service work within 48 hours.

Quality of services
We constantly strive to improve the service and provide quality services, so that all customers will definitely want to return to cooperation with us, as well as recommend us as a responsible company.

Product quality
Quality technical equipment is an important aspect for us. We only work with verified suppliers. All products that we install have a certificate of conformity and a guarantee.

Specialists of the technical department of Antenor are highly qualified specialists who undergo professional testing for knowledge of equipment and services. They solve your problems quickly and efficiently, provide timely assistance and complete information about our services at any time.

Our clients trust us because we honestly approach cooperation and fulfill our obligations to partners. Our professionalism allows us to characterize ourselves as a reliable company, because we treat each client responsibly

Values within the company

Цінності компанії

Our effective and open support is the key to success in every employee’s communication.

We understand that without the coordinated work of the team, it is difficult to achieve good performance and a comprehensive approach to cooperation. And that is why we not only control the quality of service to employees, but also take into account their wishes and suggestions for improving productivity.

For the effective work of each employee of our company, we have defined the following priority values for ourselves:

Medical Insurance. The Antenor company cares not only about comfort and pleasant work, but also about the health of employees.
The development of the company depends on the development of each employee. We conduct a complex of training – from individual courses to general trainings.
The annual review of wages is one of the incentives to motivate employees.
Team cohesion, friendship. We are happy to welcome promising team members.
Recognition and opportunity for self-improvement. We appreciate and voice the merits of each specialist, which allows us to inspire them to achieve new heights and daily efforts for an overall positive result.
Collective trips, themed evenings, corporate parties, which allow people to get to know each other better and unite in a non-working environment.
We believe that the quality of the employees’ work and harmonious and friendly relations are reflected in the coherence of the company’s work and effective customer service.

Constant development in the right direction of work, creation of favorable, comfortable conditions for employees with transparent and trusting relations, the right approach to finding solutions in the most difficult and non-standard situations will be excellent coordinates on the way to the company’s success.

We create our unique approach to interaction with partners and in the team with “jewelry” adherence to all declared values and are sure that each employee is part of a coordinated mechanism and is ready to contribute a piece of his own creativity to our joint business.

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