Where’s the money? How can a logistic company improve the control system and stop losing money.

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Doesn’t Wialon work? 

Customers’ feedback!

About a year ago we received a request from BEL-TRANS logistic company, by the moment they came to us they had already been disappointed in GPS Tracking. They had worked with two of the companies providing such services before they found our company. According to them the equipment they were using before was quite uninformative and broke down quite often; besides their customer support did not rash to send a specialist it happened sometimes that a specialist would arrive no earlier than a week after their request. 

Our company has been working with Wialon system over than 6 years. And this is the best solution for our customers as a rule. And that means that the problem is deeper than it seems to be. We accepted this challenge and decided to deal with the original sources of the problems.

As it turned out, the cause of frequent breakdowns and unexpected errors in the operation of the satellite tracking system was low-quality equipment, its incorrect configuration. COMBO! Sensors read and transmitted data to the system incorrectly, often failing. Moreover, when contacting the service the client had to wait for several weeks to a month to provide service work. Contractors might not even go to the customer upon their call.

We’ve taken the responsibility to help customers save money on the services! Having learned the information about our customer’s our team has set it as a major task.


The trust is to be earned. 

Before starting our work we had to go through bunch of tests. Companies’ managers did not still have trust as they had already faced many problems with other service providers before.

«I was expecting a thief all the time. I couldn’t believe that the service can be provided on such a high level” – said the BEL-Trans manager later on when assessing our services. 

We signed a contract, which recorded all important points for the client. For example, we indicated that the provision of our services throughout the territory of Ukraine is carried out within 24 hours upon customer’s request.

How we worked out the situation

First of all, we diagnosed 70 units of big vehicles. To accomplish this task, the  very next day having signed  the contract, two of our specialists went to Nikolaev. Several weeks our specialists lived in the rhythm of THE BEL-TRANCE ENTERPRISE, performing high-quality basic works. They carried out a complete check up of each machine for the efficiency of GPS-tracking systems, replaced non-working elements and seven-cards.  All the nodes were connected.

The results of this work we have recorded a photo report of each object, conducted a demonstration of the “before” and “after” states.


After that, our maintenance and service department started the fight, correctly setting up the GPS-tracking equipment in the Wialon system.

Within that stage we managed to surprise the company management in a good way. Acc to the crisis-manager of BEL-TRANS, the immediacy of our specialists created quite a good impression about our company:  the installation performed by our specialists and the reaction-time of our customer’s support as well.   

We’ve also installed trackers by European manufacturers. And at the moment the fleet is fully equipped and monitored online. 

Time is money

Our customer used to wait for a service support for about a week or more upon their request. 

As for our company, we do understand the importance of the immediacy for our customers that is why we focused on creating an efficient customer’s service support.  

Our online customer’s support works 24/7, and services are carried out from a few hours to one day – depending on the complexity of the task.

We did it!

We found out the main problem of our customer and did our best to provide the best solution for it: 

In comparison with other service providers we shorten the response period and we provide services no longer than 24 hours upon customer’s request.  

We reconfigured the equipment and now its work is stable, with no failures.

We have installed the trackers on their vehicles. Now their location can also be monitored online by satellite transport tracking system.

We managed to save money of “BEL-TRANS”, because made qualitative reconfiguration of the old equipment; we excluded the necessity to perform total reinstallation of the system, and also significantly reduced the cost of service works, by adjusting the system properly.

Secret of our success 

Working in the usual mode with a responsible approach to the process, we made a positive impression on the client. This approach is a common practice for us, but for clients it is the basis of stable and accurate monitoring, which helps them to improve technical performance and save money.

Now «BEL-TRANS» employees have the possibility to not only monitor location of their cars and truck online but trailers also. Smart sensors transmit motion information instantaneously. If a trailer is stationary, location data will be received every 24 hours automatically.

We sincerely appreciate our clients and are proud to have been able to surprise «BEL-TRANS» – a company that has already worked with other enterprises, having gained not the best experience. We have more than 30% of such customers. We are glad to work out the situation by proving that GPS tracking can be accurate, work with no failures and errors; proving they can get a prompt service, with maximum responsibility, inclusion and understanding of requests.

An official feedback from BEL-TRANS


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