Car sharing has recently been rapidly gaining popularity in the Ukrainian market. This is a popular service among individuals, commercial companies and government agencies. There is only one problem that needs to be solved - the safety of the car. This is where Antenor's car rental GPS monitoring solution comes in handy. Antenor will easily cope with this task and make the service as convenient and safe as possible.
Rental car protection
The satellite monitoring solution helps protect cars from theft, vandalism, unscrupulous drivers, prevent improper use of cars and discipline drivers
Savings on car park maintenance
Remotely monitor mileage, schedule service in a timely manner and prevent costly emergency repairs, avoid fuel drains and low-quality gas stations
Convenient access to the program
Round-the-clock technical support and convenient access to the program at any time from a computer or mobile phone
The most informative reports
The ability to generate detailed reports on selected vehicles or the fleet as a whole for a certain period of time. Receive programmed notifications, control your cars 24/7

How we are working

You leave a request
We provide detailed advice, select the solution you need, calculate the cost and sign a cooperation agreement
Installing equipment
Наши инженеры согласовывают удобное для вас время и устанавливают индивидуальное оборудование
Testing and training
Our technical support service checks the correct operation of the equipment, provides access to your personal account and teaches how to use the program
You control the technique
Now you independently control your equipment in real time and can create detailed reports for the required period

GPS capabilities for carsharing

Vehicle location and geofences Driving Quality and Accident Alerts Refueling control
Vehicle location and geofences
Setting up geofences for rented cars is one of the most common car sharing conditions. Vehicles may only be used and parked in the designated area. You will be able to track the geolocation of each car, wherever it is and control your fleet 24/7
Driving Quality and Accident Alerts
Allow you to control your driving style, track offenders, diagnose vehicles, and respond quickly in case of emergencies and traffic accidents. You will always know where and how the car was used
Refueling control
Control where your cars are refueled, whether fuel is drained from them. According to the rental rules, the car cannot be returned with an empty tank. Accordingly, it should be controlled that cars are refueled only at recommended gas stations with proven fuel quality
Possibility of remote blocking of the engine
In the event of an emergency, you can remotely block the engine and thereby avoid theft or unauthorized use of the car
About us
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