GPS monitoring in the field of cargo transportation is the maximum control of the logistics process at every stage. The ability to track the entire route, see all stops, gas stations, driving quality, if necessary, monitor the temperature and humidity in the container
Vehicle and cargo safety
The system promptly informs the dispatcher about any atypical situations: unscheduled stops, container opening, driving quality, speeding or accidents. You will know exactly where and in what condition the transport or cargo is located
Delivery time control
The ability to automatically plot the best route, control the movement, plan the time of arrival and deliver the goods to the customer on time. This significantly increases the turnover and profitability of flights, as well as reduces transportation costs
Fraud exclusion
Online monitoring enables full control of the entire logistics process. This allows you to secure the cargo as much as possible and minimizes any attempts of fraud or negligence at any stage of transportation
Cost Savings
GPS tracking solution for logistics will help you avoid downtime, false mileage and wrong trips. Monitor fuel consumption and quality, minimize fuel theft, schedule maintenance and reduce emergency vehicle repair costs

What are you getting?!

Improving the company's service due to timely and safe delivery of goods

Improving the efficiency of the enterprise by optimizing and automating logistics

Cost reduction through full control of logistics processes

Tailor-made, personalized solutions tailored exactly to your business needs

Solution possibilities

Real-time route control Control of fuel consumption Functionality
Real-time route control
The ability to see traffic movements on the map, monitor route adherence, speed and driving quality. Read data from CAN, monitor driver rest, receive notifications about emergency situations, remotely block the engine and prevent emergencies
Control of fuel consumption
The fuel control system will clearly transmit data on consumption and fuel remaining in the tank, overflows or underfills at gas stations. You will see the number of filled liters, time and address of each gas station in Ukraine and abroad
Depending on the need, you can additionally connect sensors that will help control the temperature and humidity in the container. Door opening sensors to avoid cargo theft. Beacons - for tracking valuable assets. Safe driving modules – when transporting fuel, explosive substances or other cargo that requires careful transportation
Optimization of logistics
Accuracy of routes, avoidance of downtime, reduction of non-targeted use of transport, identification of drivers, automation of reports - makes it possible to optimize the logistics process and increase the efficiency of the enterprise
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