Advantages of user-friendly Wialon interface


There exists a huge amount of various useful GPS vehicle tracking apps for business nowadays. An easy-to-use Wialon platform is one of them. Over 2 300 types of trackers and sensors are compatible with the software. And it should also be noted that the software is being used in approximately 130 countries round the world that is why it can be definitely considered a global solution.


You need to follow only three simple steps to start using the platform.

1. The softwarу can be installed on your computer or downloaded on your smart phone as an app..

2. After a new user is being signed up our company provides a permanent login and password.

3. Our technical department is in charge of the program set-up, so you can contact us any time for additional parameter changes and we will adjust specific parameters acc to your needs.

Why the software is so popular?

Even thou there are so many GPS tracking apps, Wialon is a quite popular one. It’s gained its popularity being a user-friendly software. The options available to our users are as follows:

  1. Generate and analyze the following parameters: fuel consumption, routs, etc.;
  2. Get track excursion and irregularities notifications timely;
  3. Schedule tasks – for instance: the possibility to configure reports collection acc. To a specific schedule;
  4. Create a route description (with a detailed schedule information)
  5. To assign certain transport type to the drivers which helps to allocate tasks to the employees.

Wialon advantages

You can evaluate all the advantages of the Wialon tracking software only being a registered user. Antenor provides a trial version for you to size up the software at its true value:

  • Getting connected to the service there’s no need to buy the license which saves your money.
  • the installation doesn’t take much time and as simple as possible;
  • User-friendly interface which thought out to the smallest details;
  • The service is available in 49 languages which makes Wialon a global service.
  • All the popular maps are available for work;
  • The platform is fully compatible with most GPS or GLONASS trackers.

The advantages guarantee full awareness of vehicles and great comfort for the users.

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