This is a simple but effective application for the agricultural sector, provides field operations tracking based on telematic data. The product provides workers and managers of agricultural enterprises with transparent data on fields, crops and their processing. Having on hand specific information about who, when and how cultivated crops, the client can effectively plan and processes of agribusiness
Hecterra - a universal solution for the agricultural sector
Control of special vehicles
The client receives clear data on the quality and volume of field work, as well as on the actions of agricultural machinery and machine operators.
Data adequacy
Hecterra accurately calculates the cultivated areas of complex fields, taking into account overlaps, gaps and uncultivated areas within the fields.
Accounting automation
The application calculates the area of processing fields, fuel consumption, mileage, speed and other parameters, saving employees time.
Integration via API
Transfer and use data from Hecterra in 1C and other accounting systems using the API.

How does Hecterra work?

Import geofences as fields; customize trailers, drivers and objects in Wialon for use in Hecterra
Hecterra Fill out the reference books of cultures, operations and crop rotation
Accept or Reject found field treatments
Generate and Export field reports


Fields and cultures Field treatments Special equipment and drivers
Fields and cultures
Import or create fields. Convenient control of crop rotation, a list of crops and detailed history of operations for each field.
Field treatments
Search for new field treatments. Options for editing and confirming treatments before adding to the database.
Special equipment and drivers
Using drivers, objects and trailers created in Wialon. Calculation of fuel indicators, speed, mileage for each field treatment.
Easily generate reports for drivers, fields, operations and objects. Import of reports to csv.
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We work on the basis of the Wialon program

Why Wialon?

Wialon is a multifunctional system of GPS and GLONASS monitoring of transport, mobile and stationary objects. More than 15 years of presence on the international market have allowed to expand the geography of use to 130 countries. Wialon supports various types of maps and more than 1300 types of GPS / GLONASS devices. That is why we prefer to work with Wialon.
Why Wialon?
Problems with GPS? Is your GPS not doing the job?
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