Зачем аграриям GPS-мониторинг транспорта?

High competition in the agricultural market encourages farmers to use solutions that reduce risks, production costs and increase business profitability. GPS tracking of agricultural transport is one of such solutions. The use of GPS-tracking minimizes agricultural expenses and reduces crop losses. It also helps to increase business efficiency without increasing sowing areas and attracting additional resources.


Gaps and closures when processing fields

Agricultural enterprises suffer large crop losses due to gaps and overlaps in field cultivation. Elimination of such loss areas can significantly reduce crop losses and increase the efficiency of the agricultural enterprise. Without the use of modern transport monitoring and tracking systems, it is difficult to achieve high accuracy of driving and processing.

Another problem is the efficiency of agricultural machinery. It  is almost impossible to control the fuel consumption, fuel drain, improper  use of equipment, downtime and route deviations. This creates risks of fuel spillage, that cannot be controlled. For a farmer, this is a million-dollar loss that can be avoided. Such problems require modern solutions.

GPS tracking: options

The use of GPS transport tracking system helps to maximize the potential of the agricultural enterprise with minimal investment. The system helps to find hidden reserves, increase the profitability of the agricultural business by reducing losses in tillage and harvesting.

Main system features:

Crop rotation control – solutions offered by Antenor help  not only to understand the mechanisms of high yield formation, but also to create conditions for its performance  in practice, to ensure high grain quality.

Search for new field processing – this option allows to edit and confirm the processing before having it added to the database.

The most efficient way of equipment application – installation of GPS trackers and the use of the Wialon platform makes it possible to control vehicle routes, fuel consumption, mileage and speed during field cultivation and automatically calculate these parameters.

Analytics – the system generates reports in terms of processing, operations, fields, drivers, which allow to increase management efficiency and eliminate “narrow spaces” in the enterprise.

New possibilities 

The use of GPS vehicle tracking by agricultural enterprises is an opportunity to increase the efficiency of agricultural activities through the most efficient use of resources.

Reducing overlapping, fuel consumption control, control of the use of equipment and work of drivers – is an opportunity to increase profitability and company income by opening internal reserves. The system provides wide opportunities for optimization of agricultural business, including the management efficiency improvement and making the right management decisions based on the received data. Our company offers comprehensive services in GPS tracking system installation and maintenance to agricultural enterprises. We use modern solutions, the effectiveness of which has been proved in practice.

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