Unscheduled stops and route deviations, how to prevent the problem.

Незапланована зупинка та відхилення від маршруту

Тransport and logistics companies are facing  the need to control the actions of their staff – including drivers. It is necessary to control bothe-actions, the  movable property condition. The Antenor company is ready to offer a modern solution – a GPS tracking system with satellite communication..

Consequences of uscheduled stops on a route

While the vehicle is moving along a certain route, a driver is a responsible person, so it is important he follows a primary route. But there are still rout deviations due to the human factor aspect. Such hitches might cause certain issues:

  • • Early vehicle deterioration which increases the maintenance costs. It should also be noted that such an attitude to the equipment may be considered as a reason for a substantial reduction in its service life;
  • Delays – If a driver chooses a longer route (by mistake or intentionally), it will cause a delay. In some of the cases a late arrival might cause certain issues to the Partner-company;
  • • As a result of a route deviation the transported property may get damaged. For instance, it is quite important to be very careful when perfoming the delivery of  medical products, that is why the company selects routs with good coverage;
  • • The driver may deviate from the primery route intentionally. There may be different reasons for thet – for instance, an employee may have a desire to save fuel or earn additional money on performing work that was not specified by the schedule;
  • It happens quite often that a vehicle driver may become a road traffic offender, which endangers other traffic participants. Besides all the fines are being addressed to the company as a rule.

All the above mentioned can be avoided with our GPS-tracking system.

Дополнительный отпуск для граждан, которые трудятся за компьютером: в  Гоструда дали разъяснения - Today.ua

Vehicle control concept 

Our tracking system is quite simple: 

  1. 1. A special tracker that transmits the signal in a pre-configured mode is being  installed on a vehicle (for example, a corporate car), ; 
  2. 2. This signal is being recorded by the satellite and transmitted to the Wialon system, then sent to the user’s device and informs about the route deviation.

The GPS-tracking system can provide the owner with information on the following parameters:

  • The route (helps to track the smallest primery route deviations) 
  • Vehicle speed tracking (which will control the legal behavior of the driver) 
  • Working schedule and the implementation of the primery plan tracking. 
  • Fuel consumption analyses with constant comparison with the established consumption standards. 
  • In addition, the availability of satellite equipment installed on a car will ensure maximum safety for a driver, as the cabin can be equiped with an emergency button.

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