The satellite monitoring solution for construction companies solves many problems related to increasing the efficiency of the company's work, optimizing the use of work equipment and significantly saving money. If you want to prevent inappropriate use or downtime of equipment, theft of fuel and construction materials - GPS monitoring system from Antenor will help you
Control of equipment at the facility
The ability to control the routes and the workload of the equipment, the operation of additional and attached equipment used at a specific object, to attract only the necessary number of special vehicles, to avoid non-target use, downtimes and "cheating" mileage
Reduction of fuel costs
The fuel control system allows you to monitor the average consumption and the remaining fuel in the tank. Control refueling, fuel drains, prevent the theft of fuel and lubricants, thus saving the company money
Reduction of company risks
The GPS monitoring solution for construction companies allows you to track the actual places of loading and unloading of materials, prevents the theft of expensive equipment, tools and construction materials during transportation
Increasing the productivity of the enterprise
Due to the tracking of working equipment, new opportunities are opened for optimizing the work process and increasing efficiency at all stages of construction

Solution for construction companies will help

Reduce inappropriate use of work equipment
Prevent fuel theft
Minimize idle equipment during working hours
Avoid stealing building materials

Solution possibilities

Fleet control Control of fuel consumption Online monitoring
Fleet control
Monitor equipment, monitor operating hours, costs of maintenance and scheduled repairs, minimize inappropriate use of vehicles, identify irresponsible drivers who cause damage to the fleet. Anticipate the need for additional work units and efficiently distribute them across facilities
Control of fuel consumption
Fuel control allows you to control the level and average fuel consumption, to prevent poor-quality refueling and draining. This allows you to reduce costs by up to 30% and minimize the process of theft of fuel and lubricants
Online monitoring
Satellite monitoring in real time allows you to control the work process on construction sites, to quickly manage transport and special equipment. Makes it possible to receive timely notifications about deviations from the established route and departure from the geozone
Formation of reports
The ability to generate detailed reports on the operation of the fleet, it is convenient to calculate the amount of work performed and the calculation of wages for each driver. Automatically generate fuel consumption reports. Download the necessary reports in the required format (pdf, csv, xls..) and integrate the data into 1C via API
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