Описание и сравнительная характеристика основного оборудования

The effectiveness of GPS TRACKING depends on the equipment used. Our company installs reliable and high-quality trackers from the world’s leading manufacturers, that have proved their effectiveness in use.

Emphasis on quality

It is important for the service company that the equipment they offer is of high quality because low-quality equipment can transfer inaccurate data to the system and fails quite often. That is why we emphasize reliability, use high-quality equipment produced by European manufacture,that we are sure of. Important indicators for choosing devices are are as follows:


Flexibility, versitility;

Compatibility with other software; 





We offer high-quality equipment that suits your business needs and budget.

Technical specifications of the equipment:

When choosing the equipment, it is necessary to decide on the problems to be solved. The products of European brands are characterized by high level of efficiency and non-failure operation. One of the most popular in Ukraine and EU countries product is the equipment of a Lithuanian producer – Teltonika. The Company offers a wide range of products, reliability, optimal price-quality ratio; it is well-recommended in European and Ukrainian markets.

The equipment price depends not only on the manufacturer, but also on the operational characteristics:

Functional features;

Number of channels in the navigation module;


antenna number (type);

Information storage resources;

Capacity (presence of battery backup );

anti-vandalism protection, etc.

Cheap analogous are also presented on the market; devices of Chinese and Ukrainian manufacture are among them. The reliability and non-failure of such equipment is significantly lower than of the European. To be honest, they are often out of order, so investing in them is not an effective thing.

Issues that might accure

For instance: low-cost domestic and Chinese equipment failure can lead to technical failures of Ukrainian devices. The installed equipment was found to have problems in determining coordinates. The problem caused widespread problems, because the work of GPS-tracking system of many companies was down, which led to losses.

Many budget-constrained companies are trying to save their money by purchasing cheaper GPS-equipment by Ukrainian or Chinese manufacturers. According to the feedbacks received sooner or later they face problems in the operation of devices, such as a weak signal, an incorrect coordinate data, which leads to receiving wrong data. Some users complain that firmware or devices are completely out of order.

Problems of the GPS monitoring system can be related both to poor equipment and a service company. This is not only about low-quality devices, but also about bad software and inefficient technical support. As a result, the transport company invests money in a system that does not work properly and will face such problem as money losses.

Antenor offers tested, reliable equipment of a European manufacturer, highly functional Wialon system, which is already being used in  over than 130 countries round the world, provides high level service and operational technical support all over Ukraine. Our solutions help to save money, improve company’s efficiency and optimize fleet performance.

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