новый уровень контроля транспортных средств в сфере лизинга

Leasing services are used by a significant number of people: Farmers, privet enterprises, companies that provide services. It is easier and cheaper to borrow a car, tractor or combine. Sometimes people do not have a needed amount of money, and time to search for an appropriate technology in the Internet. Leasing companies provide service on selection and registration of transport. As during the contract period the equipment is in collateral with the leasing company, all the repair, maintenance expenses are also on it. Therefore, it is extremely important to check the location and general condition of the vehicles. Our GPS tracks help you to do this.

We have been cooperating with “ESCA Capital” for over than five years. Our project is one of the examples of how to improve the efficiency of transport monitoring in leasing sphere.

Requirements  of leasing companies

Fast equipment installation

For most of the customers in leasing sphere, the efficiency of equipment installation is of a great importance. Understanding that, we organized the work of our specialists in such a way for the trackers installation was carried out as quickly as possible – within one working day starting the date of order submission. Will your contractors be able to specify such terms and conditions in the contract? – If not, you have already lost the most valuable thing that is – time.

Price and quality

Given the large number of cars and equipment that are leased by “ESCA Capital”, the price is an important criterion.

Comparing prices on the market, it is important not to forget about the quality of services. We have been improving our work for over than six years in order to achieve high performance of the services upon each of the requests. Special attention was paid to the quality of the service, as well as to the work of the technical support, to process every request promptly.

As for the prices, we provide a balanced policy. Our company does not exceed prices; at the same time we do not try to attract the attention of potential customers with the help of discounts. We are doing our best to provide the solutions for the main tasks and improve business efficiency by setting a fair price for services.

 For the price call: 067 251 78 87

Individual approach

It must be taken into account that there are specifics in every business. Therefore, we approach the task individually, even if it goes beyond standard service. Installation of trackers sometimes had to be carried out on weekends and holidays.

Coverage area 

Understanding the customer’s need for quality service throughout Ukraine, we began to focus on increasing the coverage area. Today we have a huge team of specialists across the country, which allows installing our equipment in any, even the most remote places of our country.

Customer feedback

ESKA Capital Leasing Company has been using monitoring services from Antenor LLC for many years. 

Thanks to this, we conduct internal inventory and check the serviceability of equipment easily, quickly without leaving the office. Antenor employees promptly respond to all our requests, and if there are breakdowns, they repair quickly. GPS trackers are installed even on weekends and holidays, if necessary. Everything is done qualitatively. Trackers help us to gather the necessary information on a huge amount of equipment: its location, management, transportation, etc. It’s great to be able to remotely lock the engine if something happens. 

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us grow! “

We are glad that our efforts were highly appreciated by ESKA Capital. This indicates that with the case of “GPS-monitoring in the field of leasing” we coped perfectly!

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