GPS-tracking for pharmaceutical companies

GPS-моніторинг транспорту для фармацевтичної компанії

GPS tracking for pharmaceutical companies

A head of pharmaceutical company knows that one of the most complicated and important issue is the organization and control of their field staff. As a rule, a poorly organized monitoring process leads to reduced sales and a loss of profit.  If a company is developing in the above mentioned direction it will not only reduce the risk of drug abuse and damage, but will also increase the income and help to gain the advantage that gives the opportunity to be one step ahead of their business competitors.  

Our company is cooperating successfully with the leading pharmaceutical companies. And we would like to share our experience and how the GPS tracking system helps to solve some of the issues. 

Main issues 

The main problems pharmaceutical companies might face are as follows: 

Poor work performance 

For instance a field worker does not fulfill the primary working schedule but they do report on the works they did not perform. As a result the sell does not increase, because the employees do not hold the meetings they are supposed to and do not sell the products. Such an ineffective and body line work causes money losses for the company.

A functional GPS tracking system makes it possible to set-up tasks and control an employee throughout a working day; analyze the use of a vehicle, time spent on routs and tasks’ fulfillment. A manager can use their laptop, PC or mobile phone to check on the location of an employee on the map: rout, stops, arrival time and time spent at customer’s. 

Vehicle misuse

The use of cars in employees’ personal affairs is quite a problem for pharmaceutical companies. Quite often workers feel free to use vehicles for their personal needs during night, weekends and then they just fix the clock, or include in the report working trips that were never made.

The tracking system by the Antenor company allows to monitor  fuel remained in liters, control coursing which saves a lot of money. In addition, with the help of GPS-tracking system delivery schedule and the expenses may be planned out or predicted based on average fuel consumption, milage.  

Delivery risks

It is important for pharmaceutical companies to insure no third party access to the cargo during transportation. This should be controlled to make sure no one has unpacked, replaced or damaged medicines. Driving manner is also important. The risk of damage to the cargo is being increased by careless and aggressive manner of driving.

GPS-tracking system – is not just about tracking the route, but also a system of sensors that monitor the vehicle door opening and closing, which minimizes the risk of unauthorized access to the goods. A functional system from Antenor allows to control the driving mode (sharp acceleration, braking).

Violation of the traffic terms and conditions

Pharmaceutical companies may not always be able to monitor employees’ compliance with transportation conditions and temperatures. And this is very important, because drugs are sensitive to temperature and humidity, and the shelf life of some drugs is limited. Incompliance with transportation conditions is a direct loss plus the company’s reputational losses. Pharmacies will not accept spoiled goods; drugs that lose their properties can become dangerous in survival.

There are special temperature sensors installed in the vehicle, which measure the temperature and pass the information to the responsible person in real time.

So, as we see, the GPS-tracking system helps to solve the most important problems of pharmaceutical companies. It significantly increases the level of control and management efficiency. The practice of using such a system by the leading Ukranian companies has proved that such solution to make maximum use of internal reserves of the company and to reduce risks of abuse, financial and reputational losses.

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