Fleetrun Maintenance Management

Dedicated web application for planning, monitoring and controlling maintenance costs. For those who want to reduce operating costs, avoid critical breakdowns and reduce workshop downtime. Fleetrun offers accounting of all types of works, services and spare parts, as well as expenses for each part, car and even the kilometers traveled. The application will show what types of work are carried out in the controlled fleet, with what frequency and at what cost.

More details

Mitigate risks

Plan your load, knowing how many cars are already idle or will soon go to the workshop.


Study costs

Invest in cars with millions of mileage without breakdowns and abandon vehicles that break down without leaving the vehicle fleet.


Manage fleets

Create a hierarchy of users and distribute responsibilities among employees using access rights.


React in time

Analyze the state of the vehicle fleet - expired services, expenses, time costs. Performance can be improved if you respond in a timely manner.

How it works?

Create a list of objects

Set maintenance intervals

Add services: works and spare parts

Analyze maintenance in reports


Why Wialon?

Wialon is a multifunctional GPS and GLONASS system for monitoring vehicles, mobile and stationary objects. More than 17 years of presence in the international market allowed us to expand the geography of use to 130 countries of the world. Wialon supports various types of maps and more than 2200 types of GPS / GLONASS devices.

That is why we prefer working with Wialon.

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