Fuel level control

Companies whose work is closely related to the use of cars and other machinery are almost inevitably face the issue of fuel consumption control. This is logical, because fuel creates about half of the transport costs. Therefore, the fuel tracking system is the optimal solution for control, accounting and optimization of such costs.



Reducing the level of fuel theft


Increasing eqipment capacity


Fuel cost saving

How does consumption controll system work?

We install a fuel level sensor and GPS tracker on your equipment

Teach you how to work with Wialon

You are in controll of all the fuel consumption and save your money

Fuel consumption analysis

The fuel control system is based on data read by special fuel level sensors installed in the vehicle's tank or on the vehicle's on-board computer data. The data are sent to the monitoring system and allows you to detect drains or unreasonable fuel consumption. According to our statistics, the introduction of a satellite transport tracking system for fuel controll pays off in 3-4 months.


By clicking on any point on the schedule, you will see the exact value of the fuel level and the location of the vehicle at the moment. For analysis, the system uses data from an optional fuel level sensor (DRP) or on-board computer (CAN).

It is also possible to receive reports reports on all refueling and discharge with the date, exact time, location, initial and final fuel levels and and volumes of refueling / discharge in tabular form.


Using special reports, the operator is able to analyze the actual fuel consumption of the car for any period, compare it with the standards, assess the savings and burnout for each car and for the entire fleet as a whole.

By customizing the system to suit the needs, the user will also be able to receive on-line notifications of refuelling and discharge via email, SMS or pop-up window, as well as to see information about the current value of the fuel level.


Fuel consumption control has a positive effect on driver discipline and makes it possible to analyze the factors influencing the increased fuel consumption and plan the work of the fleet efficiently. The Antenor fuel control system will allow to minimize fuel fraud, increase the safety of cargo transportation and reduce the cost of depreciation of vehicles.

How much can you save by installing a fuel level sensor?

The fuel control system reduces costs by at least 15%.

For example, at one of the agricultural enterprises the annual fuel turnover is 200 000 l/year before the introduction of fuel control.

The outlay after the system installation will be 140 000 l/year

Fuel savings will be 30% or ₴ 1,640,000

Why Wialon?

Wialon is a multifunctional GPS and GLONASS system for monitoring vehicles, mobile and stationary objects. More than 17 years of presence in the international market allowed us to expand the geography of use to 130 countries of the world. Wialon supports various types of maps and more than 2200 types of GPS / GLONASS devices.

That is why we prefer working with Wialon.

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